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TSC Manufacturing and Supply, LLC. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of drilling rig related equipment and supplies. Through its headquarters in Houston, Tx, USA, and worldwide major distributors as R&W, TSC is able to provide drilling capital equipment and drilling expendables and supplies where and when you need it. TSC engineers, manufactures and distributes its own products to drilling contractors around world. TSC facilities include a 85000 square feet manufacturing plant for drilling equipment and expendables, a 30000 square feet manufacturing plant for rig AC/DC Drive System and a 20000 square feet central warehouse in Houston to support distributors network and its extense product line.
Land Rig Packages
Mobile Rigs: TSC offers land rigs from 500HP mobile rigs to 2000 HP rigs. "Self-propelled Carrier Mounted Drilling Rigs" or "Trailer Mounted Drilling Rigs"

Skid Mounted: TSC's skid mounted modular rigs include 1000 HP, 1500 HP and 2000 HP rigs. They are capable of drilling 10000 ft, 15000 ft and 18000 ft respectively on 4-1/2" drill pipe. Both mechanical and electric driven rigs are available to meet your needs. For electric driven rigs, TSC offers traditional SCR rigs as well as VFD (AC) rigs.
Solid Control Systems
TSC offers many years field tested and proven line of Solid Controlers: Shale Shakers with a screening area of 3x0.83x1.15m2; "customizable" Mud Cleaners; Desanders and Desilters; high and low pressure customer designed Mud Tanks; a complete line of Centrifugal Pumps of 2x3, 3x4, 4x5, 5x6 and 6x8; and both Gate and Butter Fly Valves in a variety of materials and trims
Mud Pumps
TSC offers Mud workover Pumps from light weight continous running triplex of  360HP to 1880 HP Triplex Reciprocating Pumps continous running equipments at full load at any speed (within its speed range).

Created for customers who need the basic 1600 HP rating but require more volume and have it in a light weight package (30% less weight than average similars). The Work Force 1880 comes with a high pressure rating at 8000 psi, with a 10000 psi fluid end option also available.
AC/DC Drive Systems
TSC manufactures both DC (SCR) and AC (variable frequency) drive systems. We provide 24/7 field service with spare parts inventories maintained at strategic locations. We have numerous proven systems operating throughout the world.
 The TSC SCR drive package consists of all the electrical equipment and switchgear required for rig operation. The system meets the drilling contractor's special demands for reliability, low maintenance, and compactness. The components of a typical system include the engine generator controls, SCR drive cubicles and motor control center which are mounted in an insulated, air conditioned power control house and suitable for portability. TSC designs, manufactures and installs complete AC drilling systems used in the drilling industry. The AC drive system utilizes advanced digital vector technology which greatly improves the speed adjusting specification of AC motors and system power factor. TSC continues to apply innovative AC technology in order to provide superior customer satisfaction throughout the world. Some Optional Features for AC and DC Drive Systems are: Traveling Block Control System; Touch Screen Controls for display of drilling parameters; Automatic Drilling System; Climate Controlled Drillers Cabin with rig monitoring systems; Hi-Line Control Enclosure and Emergency Generator Control Cubicle.
Mud Pump Parts and Fluid End Expendables
TSC manufactures and distributes mud pump parts and expendables for all major brand pumps used in today's drilling and workover operations. About $2,000,000 worth of inventory are stocked in our Houston warehouse to meet your immediate needs.