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The Stren Company, Inc. is built around a unique set of products that cross industrial boundaries to bring an innovative, effective and efficient mix of technology to customers. Stren acts as an integrator of proven technology and unique concepts. This cross-industrial approach results in Stren Sand Control Products, Stren Gas Separation Products and Stren Completion Products for the oilfield. R&W represents Strenīs oilfield and water well products and technologies.
SC2000 The SC2000 Series represents the cutting edge in completion and production enhancement tooling. This rugged, multi-layered construct can give you the ability to customize the production profile to fit precise requirements. Intrusive zones can be blocked. Producing zones can be drained in the most efficient and effective manner. SC2000 allow completion and workover specialist to rotate into the hole, providing precise and controlled placement of the producing tubular construct. No worries about collapse or torsional failure with the SC2000! It's built to operate the way you run every day. Oilfield tough.
PumpGard PumpGard Series is Strenīs line of mandrel mounted filtration solutions to downhole particulate contamination. These products can be tailor made to precisely address the particles that are causing the problem in your well. PumpGard Sand Shields are designed for low producing wells (wells up to 50 BOPD). Operators report reducing the pumping cost per barrel by more than 70%. PumpGard PG Series, with its all stainless construction, is designed for higher producing wells (up to 400 BOPD) at temperatures up to 400 degrees F. PumpGard Hi-Flo Systems are designed for electric submersible pumps in maximum flow environments. These are sized according to flow and materials are tailored to the specific downhole environment.
Wire Screens

Profile Wire Screens are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations. High Performance at high value are the watch words for this line of proven, well known products. STREN can vary the size of the tube, shape of the wire and size of the opening to give you just exactly the down hole tool that you need, whether it be for sand control or gravel packing.
MGS STREN's MGS Line of Down Hole Gas Separators offers producers a means of virtually eliminating the entrained gas in their producing fluid streams. This means greater pumping efficiency and less down time due to pump cavitation. The unique design of the MGS Series allows the recovery of the separated gas at the wellhead. You can get more oil to the surface and gather the gas that was causing you the pumping problems in the first place. The problems turns to profit!