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Muncie Power Products, Inc., founded in 1935  early focused in Power Take-Offs (PTOs) and hydraulic components. By the late 1970's, Muncie Power Products had become the largest distributor of PTOs in North America with ten locations of its own in USA and Canada. In 1982 Muncie developed a revolutionary PTO design in cooperation with the Tulsa Winch, a Division of Sperry Vickers, breaking away from beeing a distributor and becoming a manufacturer. In 1986 Muncie purchased the PTO manufacturing facilities and equipment of Vickers and relocated in Tulsa, leaving a large facility with state of the art PTO manufacturing equipment. In December 1999, Muncie entered into an agreement with the Interpump Group of S. Ilario d' Enza, Italy and became a sister company to two of the largest PTO manufacturers in Europe, Hydrocar and PZB. Together the three companies offer the largest selection of PTO products in the world. A complete line that R&W provides to worldwide operations.
Whatever you need in Power Take Offs and Gear Adapters ask R&W and Muncie can provide.