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The Mudlogging Company, Inc. is a 3.5 acre manufacturing complex located outside of Houston, Tx city limits, only a few minutes drive time from Interstate 10, Beltway 8 and US 290. The facility includes two large two-story buildings, a separate truck shop and a classroom facility encompassing approximately 25,000 square feet of usable space. The facility also includes storage for multiple mudlogging units and future expansion raw land. TMC has performed mudlogging jobs or provided units to worldwide drilling operations in Gulf Coast, Mexico, Ecuador, Venezuela, South African Coast, Indonesia and China. This industry-reference technology and equipment can be brought to you by R&W wherever you are. Call us.
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A completed "skid mounted" unit ready to work
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TMC equipments provides 3 Major Log Workgroups:
DXC-Por Pressure Logs that includes ROP Scale, DXC Scale, Depth, Temperature, MWI/P.PSI, Total Gas Physical Formation Log that Includes ROP Scale, DXC Scale, Depth, Lithology, Temperature Out, Total Gas, C1, C2, C3, C4, C5
Engineering Log that includes ROP Scale, Total Gas, Hookload, WOB, Torque, Temperature Out, Pump Pressure, C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, SMP, Flow Out, Pit Total, MWI
Logging Instruments
TMC designs, manufactures, assembles and supports various Logging Instruments. You can see above a selection of these tools. For additional information on these and other TMC products, call, fax or e-mail R&W. (1) Texaco QGM Gas Extractor (2) ROP Magnetic Sensors (3) Pneumatic Retriever (4) Strain Gauge Flow Sensor (5) Chart Recorder (6) Chromatograph (7) Depth and Pump Stroke Panel (8) Gas Detector