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Mills Machine Company (est. 1908) is dedicated to manufacturing quality earth drilling products worldwide for any type of drilling and is known for its innovative product designs. Mills Machine have the unique ability to take ideas from one or more industries and modify them to offer new and innovative drilling products. Mills also manufactures Claw bits - KenClaw and MilClaw - drilling bits, drag bits, fishing tools, stabilizers, underreamers, hole openers, hollow stem augers, solid augers, hoist plugs, pipe handling tools, subs (rotary adapters), rock bits, horizontal drilling bits, and other drilling accessories. R&W is a non-exclusive MillsMachine dealer, but the single operator - and the only secure choice - in some new markets and drill sites as South America.
Mills Machine offers an extensive catalog that covers almost all kinds of drilling ambients and soils with a wide range of tools, from augers to fishing and pipe handling tools. And all this variety of tools can also be ordered in a full lenght of diameters and weight tolerances. See the list bellow and call us for information on your specific needs:
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Mills Machine offers Milclaw and Kenclaw rotary drilling bits for the Water Well, Blast Hole Mining, Construction and Shallow Oil Drilling Industries. Strong KenClaw body is inside the gage cut to allow for fluid passage. Stronger/ toughter MilClaw body extends out to the gage cut and has triangular cuts to allow fluid flow. This gives faster penetration rate and allows drilling in rock up to 10,000 psi.
Mills Machine stocks a wide variety and size of rock bit (also known as roller cones or roller bits). We use this bits to meet your immediate needs and as inventory to build hole openers and underreamers. The bits we use are either new or reworked. The reworked bits are known as "retip" for the Steel Tooth Bit and "rerun" for the TCI Button Bit. Rework bits give at least 50% of the life of a new bit.