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LOGAN OIL TOOLS manufactures a complete line of quality fishing tools, power swivels, and related products to meet the needs of the drilling community in the global oil industry. Based in Houston, Texas, Logan Oil Tools is recognized as a leading source of superior products for many of the largest fishing and rental tool companies around the world.

Decades of solid sales and engineering experience enables our staff to understand and meet customer requirements. An experience proudly represented by R&W. (At the end of this page you ll find some usefull Catalogs and charts to guide you Logan choices).
Product Line
Taper taps
Die collars
Junk baskets and junk subs
Fishing magnets
Ditch magnets
Safety joints
Hydraulic fishing jars
Jar energizers and intensifiers
Fishing bumper subs
Hydr./mechanical ext. internal cutters
Hydraulic/mechanical internal cutters
Casing rollers
Casing scrapers
Full line of casing patches
Power swivels
Fishing Tools - External Catch
Overshot Overview
Series 10 Sucker Rod Overshots
Series 20 Sucker Rod Overshots
Hydraulic Release Overshots
Series 70 Short Catch Overshots
Series 150 Overshots
Series 150 Overshot Accessories:
Series 160 Side Door Overshots
Lead Impression Blocks
Rotary Die Collars
Fishing Tools - Internal Catch
Full Circle Releasing Spears
Full Circle Releasing Spear Skirts
Full Circle releasing Spear Guides
Standard Releasing Spears
Segmented Spear Grapple Assemblies
Releasing Spear Packoff Assemblies
Releasing Spear Stop Sub Assemblies
Taper Taps
Fishing Tools - Junk Catch
Core Type Junk Baskets
Reverse Circulation Junk Baskets
Full Flow Reverse Circulation Junk Baskets
Junk Catcher Assemblies
Fishing Magnets
Magnet Charger
Heavy Duty Ditch Magnets
Accessory Tools
Superior Hydraulic Fishing Jars
Superior Energizers
Z Type Hydraulic Fishing Jars
Z Type Energizers
Surface Bumper Jars
Lubricated Fishing Bumper Subs
Fishing Bumper Subs
Jar Tester
Jar Service Kits
Drill Pipe Safety Joints
Tubing Safety Joints
Washover Safety Joints
Type J Safety Joints
Drilling, Milling and Cutting Tools
Welded Cup Junk Subs
Threaded Cup Junk Subs
Crossover Subs
Standard External Cutters
Hydraulic External Cutters
T-Dog Overshots
Internal Cutters
Internal Pressure Pipe Cutters
Fixed Blade Non-Rotating Stabilizers
Variable Blade Non-Rotating Stabilizers
Rotary Shoes
Junk Mills
Repair and Remedial Tools
Casing Rollers
Casing Roller Range Sheet
Tubing Scrapers
Casing Scrapers
Type A Packer Type Tubing Patches
Type A Packer Type Casing Patches
Type L Packer Type Casing Patches
Lead Seal Casing Patches
Lead Seal Cementing Casing Patches
Wireline Equipment
Hydraulic Wireline Jars
Tubular Wireline Jars
Hydraulic Rod Jars
Spang Link Jars
Cooper/Logan Cable Guided Fishing Assemblies w/ Flexible
Sinker Bar
Cooper/Logan T-Bar Wireline Clamping Tool
Wireline Spare Parts
Power Swivels
The newly engineered, hydraulic motor-driven Logan 85-Ton Power Swivel provides smooth shock-free torque and reduces drill string damage. It is rated to support tensile pipe loads of 85 tons at zero rpm and 45 tons dynamic load at 100 rpm. The compact, swivel head design weighs only 1,163 lbs. and fits most drilling or workover masts.

The design incorporates a reliable, custom-built drive train with hardened steel gears. For most applications, the Logan 85-Ton Power Swivel eliminates the use of dangerous spinning chains, tongs, and kelly spinners. The Power Swivel facilitates drilling with longer drill string lengths before the rig must be shut down to add pipe. Stops and starts are thereby reduced improving rig efficiency and reducing wear on the pump, drawworks, and other rig equipment. The Logan 85-Ton Power Swivel utilizes a closed loop hydraulic system with variable displacement, reversible over-center pumps, and air or electric controls. A new wireless remote with an operating range of 150 feet is also available at additional cost. Speed control is continuously variable over the entire operating range. Maximum operating speed is 155 rpm. Pressure compensating type torque control overrides the speed control to maintain maximum torque at 3,950 ft-lbs. Torque limits on the power unit can be set, eliminating the potential danger of twist-offs or swollen boxes in the drill string. An integral rotary swivel bearing, floating washpipe assembly, and gooseneck connection eliminates the need for a separate rotary swivel.

A 2-1/4-inch bore gooseneck and washpipe assembly allows circulation through the 2-inch I.D. stem while rotating or in static mode. An access plug allows wireline to be run through the unit. Complete Power Swivel packages are available either trailer- or skid-mounted. Both frame styles are equipped with increased environmental safety features. Package components include an elevator-type bail; a unitized washpipe packing box assembly; a fixed displacement, piston-type, hydraulic motor rated at 5,000 psi; a torque rein assembly; safety cable; and one-inch swivel joints. Powered hose reels complete the rugged unit. A swivel carrying stand is standard. A variety of engine and control options, and additional accessories are available at extra cost.
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Fishing Tools External Catch
Fishing Tools Internal Catch
Fishing Tools Junk Catchers
Accessory Tools
Drilling, Milling, and Cutting Tools
Remedial and Repair Tools
Wireline Equipment

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