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Kemper has been making pipe unions for 40 years and is best known for its unbeatable line of oilfield hammer unions. However, in the past six years the company has developed some new product lines specifically for the well servicing segment of the oilfield. New products such as swivel joints, pup joints, hose loops, check valves, pressure relief valves and high pressure fittings are now being sold to the well servicing worldwide market by R&W and other major international distributors .
Unions Oilfield Unions
Hammer Seal Unions
Seal-O-Grip Connections
Industrial Unions
Integral Fittings Tees
Pup Joints Integral
Non-Pressure Seal
Swivel Joints Code Silver
Code Black
Code Red
Valves Non-Freeze Tank Valves
Model "B" Butterfly
Hose Loops Code Silver
Code Black
Code Red
Union Crossovers Union Crossovers
Union Swages
Union Blanks
Flow Line Valves Dart Checks
Swing Checks
Relief Valves