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For 80 years Double E has been serving the oil and gas industry with standard as well as custom-engineered and manufactured oil-well tools, pollution control equipment, and molded rubber parts. Few companies have been around as long as Double-E - or even half as long - because few place as much emphasis on responding to the needs of their customers, whatever those needs may be. Standard and custom-made equipment. Custom rubber molding and machining. To meet special requirements however particular or unusual. That's what they've been all about since 1923. So, call R&W. The equipment or rubber goods you're looking for may be available straight off the shelf.
Blowout Preventers
Stuffing Boxes
Flapper Valve
Leak Sensor/Leak Catcher
Polished Rod Lubricator
Rod Guides
Integrated Wellheads
Slim Hole/Dual Completion Stacks
Production Tools
Well-Servicing BOPs
Standard Hydraulic Oil Savers
Cap King for Capillary Tubing
Sucker Rod Stripper
Oil Saver Rubbers
Flagging Materials
Pump and Hose Conditioners
Double E Well-Servicing Tools
Packers Completion
In 80 years Double-e have been able to convert a great many of our most successful custom designs into stock products, capable of handling corrosive or otherwise harsh environments, temperature extremes, and difficult ecological challenges. But if you don't happen to see exactly what you're looking for, you can be assured that Double-e is ready and able to fulfill your unique criteria accurately, economically, and expeditiously. Just because that's what we do best.