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Before its independency in 1995, CMEC Engineering Import and Export Co. used to be one of the main export departments of 1978 founded CMEC (China Machinery Export and Import Co.). integrating industry with trade in modern China, CMEC has established relationships with 120 + countries and regions world wide and a network of info, sales, service and marketing throughout the world. R&W is the exclusive distributor for C-MEC America in Kuwait and provide parts and service for all C-MEC America products. With some special attention on sourcing and supplying high quality valves meeting or exceeding API, ASTM, ANSI and other industry standards. This dedication along with C-MEC's quality assurance and material traceability practices explain why C-MEC valves are gaining such wide acceptance throughout the US and the world.
  Warranties of C-MEC

       R&W and C-MEC warrants to the original purchaser, for a period of one year from and after the date of delivery to the original customer, that its products will be free from defects in workmanship and materials, not
caused or resulting from improper usage or application, improper installation, improper maintenance, reapir, modification, or alteration. In the event the original purchaser shall determine that a product purchased from C-MEC is defective in workmanship or materials the customer should contact us

 Orders by Figure Numbers

      Orders for standard valves should state the exact size and specification desired. So, while placing a C-MEC Valve order youŽll find usefull to know the "Figure Numbers". Figure Numbers are designed to cover essential features and sizing of a Valve. When ordering, please show Figure Numbers to preclude misunderstanding of your requirements. For special sizings orders an etailed description or a print must always accompany order.

[  1  ] 

Valve Type
(J) Globe Valve
(Z) Gate Valve
(H) Swing Check Valve
(P) Lift Check Valve
(Q) Full Bore
(VQ) Reduced Bore Ball Valve
[  2  ] 

Pressure Rating
(1) 150lb
(3) 300lb
(6) 600lb
(9) 900lb
(15) 1500lb
(25) 2500lb
(8) 800lb          (API STD.602)
[  3  ] 

Body Materials
(1) WCB; A105
(2) WC6; F11
(3) CF8; 304
(4) CF8M; 316
(5) CF3; 304L
(6) CF3M; 316L
[  4  ]

Trim Material 

Seat ring or
seat facing

Disc or disc facing Stem


(1) 13% Cr 13% Cr 13% Cr  
(2) Stellite Stellite 13% Cr  
(3) Hastelloy C Hastelloy C Same as body  
(4) WCB (body),13% Cr or 304;Stainless Steel (body), Integral Seat P.T.F.E. WCB (body), 13% Cr; Stainless Steel (body), Same as Body  
(5) Monel Monel Monel  
(6) P.T.F.E.   WCB (body), 304; Stainless Steel (body),
Same as Body
WCB (body), 304;
Stainless Steel (body), Same as Body
[  5  ]

Type of Connection 
(No Reference) RF (Raised Face)
(R) RJ (Ring Type Joint
(W) BW (Butt Welding)
(S) SW (Socket Welding)
(C) (Threaded)